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Product History

The idea for SlashDB was conceived out of Victor’s experience in software consulting for the capital markets industry. SlashDB was created at first only as a solution targeted for master data management for the securities industry. We then realized that it has even greater purpose of being used as a data API (gateway) for web and mobile applications. Since then, SlashDB has been attracting clients in the financial, academic, and publishing industries. Our delivery model is client-centric and allows for custom installations in enterprise data centers, as virtual machines and in the cloud via Amazon Web Services Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

SlashDB is a division of vt.enterprise, a software consulting a outsourcing firm from Jersey City, NJ, in business since 2001.

Management Team

SlashDB team has close to forty years of experience combined and comes from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to providing our customers with the product and service they can run their businesses on.

Victor Olex

Founder and CEO

Victor Olex

Mr. Olex sets the direction for the SlashDB business and product.

He is the founder of vt.enterprise, the company behind the SlashDB and a software consultancy operating in the greater New York metro area since 2001.

Prior to vt.enterprise, Mr. Olex enjoyed a successful career in financial technology. He worked as a technology architect and lead software engineer (more)

Mike Dobrzański

Director, Research & Development

Mike DobrzanskiMr. Dobrzański is responsible for research and software development of SlashDB.

He is an avid software developer who constantly works on improving his craft. Mike has over 6 years of experience in DevOps and software engineering roles.

In his free time Mike plays saxophone in a local rock band.

Kinga Oleksiejczuk

Controller, Administrative & Legal Support

Kinga OleksiejczukKinga keeps the two engineers grounded in reality and makes sure that company’s back office operations are running smoothly.

Ms. Oleksiejczuk has over 15 years of experience in office management and legal support in both law offices and corporations.

Kinga enjoys gourmet cuisine, especially when it comes out of her own kitchen.


We rely on a network of trusted advisors for help with developing and expanding our business. Some of those individuals have become essential resources for the company.

Erik Pennings

Sales and Marketing

Principal & General Manager
7 Pennies Consulting

Erik Pennings is the General Manager and Principal of 7 Pennies Consulting. Prior to founding 7 Pennies Consulting, Erik worked for over 20 years in executive sales, marketing, product management, R&D, and consulting roles in a startup companies as well as large corporations across the world.

Jim Alles

Business Strategy

SCORE New York City

Jim is a retired executive with over 37 years of experience in leading industrial conglomerates and life sciences companies both domestic and international. Having served on the SCORE’s Executive Committee, he has been elected Chairman in 2012. Prior to that Mr. Alles served as President and CEO of BioNeutral Laboratories, a startup chemical company located in New Jersey from 2004-2008.

John Biggs

Public & Media Relations

TechCrunch/AOL Inc.

John Biggs is the East Coast Editor of TechCrunch. He has written for the New York Times, InSync, USA Weekend, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Money and a number of other outlets on technology and wristwatches. Mr. Biggs is the former editor-in-chief of and lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Jean Albert

Legal Counsel

Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP

Jean Albert’s practice focuses on general corporate law, IP, competition and international law. He advises companies, governments and NGOs on transactions that involve international legal issues. He has experience in over 90 countries assisting clients in international joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions and the expansion of their activities abroad.

Tom Powell

Online Marketing

Founder & Principal

Tom has 8 years of experience in digital marketing, product management and market research. He helps companies improve their online marketing through analytics, conversion rate optimization and marketing strategy.

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