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Using Legacy Databases with the Cloud

Many organizations can gain more value from their legacy databases by embracing the cloud. But accessing data in a cloud-friendly way can be difficult, requiring custom APIs or brittle ETL. By automating much of the work to create APIs, SlashDB can help you easily modernize with cloud computing while profiting from your existing investments in legacy systems.

on premise users connect to databases in the cloud via SlashDB

Cloud to Ground: Accessing Data from Legacy Systems in the Cloud

Organizations may need to migrate entire legacy systems to the cloud to solve infrastructure problems, improve reliability, and create better customer experiences. But many legacy databases were not intended for interactive access over a public Internet connection. In this scenario, SlashDB maintains a pool of connections to the database using the database’s own native protocol, while enabling HTTP-based connectivity from on-premises users and applications under industry-standard formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV. The end result is great stability and high throughput combined with the ease of integration with a wide variety of enterprise systems and applications.

Ground to Cloud: Accessing Data from Legacy Systems on Premises

Sometimes, due to the sensitivity of data or regulatory restrictions, a legacy system needs to remain on premises while serving data to cloud-based apps. In this case, SlashDB can be installed on the edge of the enterprise network. Situated in the DMZ, SlashDB can automatically expose the legacy system’s data to authorized cloud applications. By eliminating the need for an ad hoc API, SlashDB can save a significant amount of development time.

Building Microservices with SlashDB

Legacy systems are typically monolithic and any web services that they have are often based on SOAP: hard to use in general and almost useless for anyone not a developer. Using SlashDB’s Data Discovery feature, developers can quickly provide access to data resources at the most granular level—down to a single field in a single row. With this capability, other applications can reference a legacy system’s resources without tedious and brittle data integration. SlashDB frees developers to create microservices more easily without needing to migrate away from existing legacy databases.

Get Faster Access to Your Data

Whether you need to move your legacy systems to the cloud or access them from the cloud, SlashDB can dramatically speed up data access, letting you focus more on your business. And setting up SlashDB is easy.

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