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Join the SlashDB Partner Program

Whether Solution Provider or Technology Vendor, you’re growing your business all while knowing that rapid access to data is the key to success. As a low code solution that builds RESTful APIs on the fly, SlashDB enables a single point of access to all your client’s data and databases so you can complete any project or analysis more quickly and accurately. Our alignment as partners creates an even stronger value proposition where it matters most – our mutual clients!

Benefits of a SlashDB partnership

Solution Providers

Developing APIs is a lot of work – save 90% of time partnering with SlashDB
SlashDB enables you to complete projects more quickly and secure more of them
As a low code solution, SlashDB partners with you to accelerate clients’ digital transformation
Revenue scale as either a Referral or Reseller Partner

Technology Vendors

Data sharing is critical – SlashDB creates APIs almost immediately
SlashDB makes your product more robust with added client data access options
APIs accelerate integration between your product and clients’ existing database systems
Revenue scale as either a Referral or Reseller Partner
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