Whether you develop mobile applications natively for iPhone, iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone or utilize PhoneGap to build portable HTML5-based mobile apps – SlashDB delivers the backend you need. If you are like most businesses, you already have databases containing most if not all the data your mobile solutions require.

Stay in Control of Your Data and Infrastructure

Instead of risking moving your valuable data to third-party backend as as service (BaaS), simply install SlashDB next to your databases to instantly provision the backend API in a fraction of time as compared to BaaS or custom development. Most installations can be done in a matter of hours, and you remain in full control of the software and infrastructure stacks.

Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)

There is no easier way to deliver data from databases to an HTML5 or a mobile app than by using /db (SlashDB).

Diagram depicts SlashDB installed in DMZ

The typical process goes like this:

  1. Install /db next to your web server and database
    (2 hours-3 days depending on environment)
  2. Fill out one web form to connect /db with your database
    (10 minutes tops)
  3. Click Connect, and /db discovers database content
    (45 seconds)
  4. Add custom queries as needed
    (5 minutes per query if that)

Once SlashDB is installed and connected to your databases, authorized apps can instantly reach your data by URLs.

For example, a customer record in HTML:


The same record as JSON, ready for HTML5 or mobile:


Custom queries are just as simple to launch:

http://demo.slashdb.com/query/order-total-by-country.html look at results in HTML
http://demo.slashdb.com/query/order-total-by-country.json use JSON in you apps

Adding and modifying data is also possible. Authentication, authorization, encryption, caching, nested documents and more is all there.

Let’s Get Started Today

Let us deliver /db in the way you want it. Download it for FREE to your PC or data center or launch it instantly on Amazon Elastic Cloud or Microsoft Azure.