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SlashDB + React SDK, a Chain Reaction

Full Tutorial on the Best Way to Build Single Page Apps in React with Database Backend Single Page Applications (SPAs) are widely used these days, and front-end developers have their choice of frameworks to use when designing them. React is…

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How-to: Infinite Scroll with SlashDB and React

What is Infinite Scroll? Infinite Scroll is a web design technique that progressively loads items in a scroll-able list as a user scrolls. The technique can be viewed as a progressive loading approach to lists. It should be noted that…

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A Leaderboard Powered by SlashDB and AWS Lambda

Go serverless with SlashDB and AWS Lambda, and see how you can achieve these advantages: Cost Efficiencies – when you don’t have to manage infrastructure you can componentize parts of your  entire application and only scale what you need to…

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IndexedDB Meets SlashDB

Ever wish you can download complex, parent-child relationship (hierarchical) data from a relational data store and persist that data locally for use from browser or mobile device session to session? In a prior post, we looked at a simple key/value…

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