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Diagram showing how SlashDB connects clients with data provider's assets

Real estate, financial, government, regulatory, market research, advertising, you name it—data has become the strategic business asset. Data vendors’ competitive advantage lies in the ability to quickly react or better yet anticipate customers’ data needs. If you are in the business of selling or are considering monetizing your data assets, you have come to the right place to upgrade your data-distribution infrastructure.

Key Benefits of SlashDB API for Data Vendors

  • Accelerate sales by enabling prospects to self-discover available data assets.
  • Expand existing business by offering custom products quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Boost product adoption by providing all standard data formats.
  • Experiment and go to market quickly with new products without incurring heavy development costs.
  • Turn competitors into sales channels by offering online distribution feeds.

Why Offer an API?

Put simply, an FTP server just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Although clients have been conditioned to download big files into their databases, that requires significant investment in infrastructure and technical abilities on their parts. Data vendors can miss out on entire market segments (smaller clients) and an opportunity to upsell to existing clients (i.e., to offer custom-tailored and up-to-date data on demand in addition to the bulk overnight data feed). Nowadays, clients expect on-demand access to data from any environment, including desktop tools such as Excel or Matlab, HTML5 websites, mobile applications, and their own enterprise systems.

Web APIs have become the key element of business-development strategies for companies large and small. Data vendors use APIs to monetize data assets, increase sales, and create network effects around their businesses.

But an entire team of software engineers can take many months to develop the necessary RESTful web services to host an API. Can you afford to wait this long and risk getting overtaken by competition?

Your API Can Be Ready in a Day

SlashDB is a huge shortcut because it leverages existing databases to make an API on the Fly™. The initial setup can be done in a day, and that includes configuring your databases and user authorization. SlashDB gets installed in the same data center as your databases but between firewalls, typically where your FTP and web servers are.

Ongoing Savings

Previously, the website, GUIs, and downloads all required separate development efforts for data access. With SlashDB the same API can be used to build out data vendors’ own tools such as attractive HTML5 websites or even mobile applications. SlashDB adapts to changes in databases, so the moment a new table is added, it can be made accessible with the API. This ongoing timesaver is a bonus on top of the business growth.

Let’s Get Started Today

Let us deliver SlashDB in the way you want it. Download it for FREE to your PC or data center or launch it instantly on Amazon Elastic Cloud or Microsoft Azure.


Please contact us for a guided demo using the button below. See also how SlashDB works and what solutions it provides.

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