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SlashDB will be used to illustrate the talk on enterprise systems of engagement. You can catch our talk on Friday, Feb. 22nd, between 1:35pm-3pm, 429 Stage, API Strategy & Practice Conference, Westin Grand Central, New York, NY.

“Data API as a Foundation for Systems of Engagement”

Enterprise evolution to systems of engagement will only succeed if it can leverage and add value to existing systems of record. Relational databases are predominantly used for that but their content can be rather difficult to engage with. This holds true not only for the non-technical staff but increasingly also for the new breed of software developers, who are accustomed to the pragmatism of web APIs.

We are introducing the idea of Resource Oriented Architecture as a foundation for building enterprise systems of engagement. ROA is a data abstraction layer (API), which uses URLs as references to the data at source (database). We will show a functioning implementation of ROA in SlashDB and discuss both internal and external applications for this approach in a modern enterprise.

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