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SlashDB will be making an appearance in this year’s API Strategy & Practice Conference. Stay tuned for major announcement from us on Thursday.

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API Strategy and Practice is a vendor neutral and community supported API industry conference to connect API Practitioners and allow them to show case API’s to build traction in different communities. This conference is a great way to engage with new audiences to help them better understand the API space and possibly start their own API adventure.

A product of vt.enterprise and a provider of API services, SlashDB focuses primarily on delivering APIs from your relational database and provides a secure and easy way to manage essential data. The idea for SlashDB was conceived out of our consulting experience in the capital markets technology, which vt.enterprise has been doing since 2001. SlashDB was created in 2010, at first only as a solution targeted for securities reference data and market data. We then realized that it has a greater purpose of being used as a data gateway for web and mobile applications. Since then, SlashDB has been attracting clients in the financial, academic, and publishing industries and has been making significant progress.

Victor Olex, founder and technology architect of SlashDB, will be representing us at the API Strategy & Practice Conference in San Francisco, CA from Oct. 23rd – 25th. He will be making a presentation about the future of data APIs on Thursday, October 24th. Victor is a pioneer of Resource Oriented Architecture, a new approach to data integration, and has revolutionized the API industry by providing a way to easily search database content while preventing data duplication.

Also on Thursday a major announcement from SlashDB will be made at the conference and on this blog, so stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

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