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Today SlashDB (VT Enterprise LLC) mailed a check with the contribution of $2,304 to The OpenSSL Software Foundation. The funds were raised from our “I Heartbleed OpenSSL” t-shirt sale campaigns, which ran in April and May, contributing $2,048 and $256 dollars respectively.

Check for OpenSSL Foundation

Says Victor Olex, founder and CEO of VT Enterprise and SlashDB: “It is with great pleasure and a sense of obligation that we present OpenSSL with this donation. VT Enterprise is software consulting company and an independent software vendor. Our products, such as SlashDB often integrate with OpenSSL to provide encryption for web interfaces and APIs. We thank the Foundation for their stewardship and continued development of this important product.”

Just the same we thank everybody who purchased the t-shirts and hope that you enjoy wearing it! This donation would not have been possible without you.

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