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We are excited to announce that our founder and CEO, Victor Olex, will be speaking alongside delegates from Walgreens, Intuit and CapitalOne at the 2015 API Strategy and Practice Conference taking place in Austin, Texas November 18th – November 20th.

The API Strategy and Practice conference is a vendor neutral and community supported API industry conference. The goal of this conference is to connect API practitioners and provide a platform to showcase and discuss APIs. This venue is a great way to engage with audiences and learn more about APIs.

This year’s conference will cover a range of interesting topics – you’ll have more than enough opportunities to really get your geek on. Most exciting of all (we’re slightly biased) will be Olex’s presentation – taking place on Friday, November 20th at 2pm. His talk will be featured as a part of the APIs in Enterprise segment, sharing the stage with delegates from Walgreens and Intuit. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the topics he will cover:

  • Modernization of Legacy Client/Server Systems with APIs
  • Using APIs Internally for Reporting, Data Science, and System Integration
  • Advantages of Creating an API Layer Over ETL and Data Warehousing

Olex will be representing SlashDB, which focuses on delivering APIs from your relational database and slashdb-logo-stacked-100providing an easy and secure way to manage essential data. Founded in 2010, SlashDB was initially conceived as a solution for securities reference data and market data. A short time after this our team had a major eureka moment and realized that our product could be used as a data gateway for web and mobile applications. We’ve definitely hit our stride since then and now serve a wide range of clients in the financial, academic, tourism, and publishing industries.

If you’re in the Austin, Texas area November 18th – 20th and you have an interest in APIs or simply want to learn more about APIs, you definitely need to check out the API Strategy and Practice Conference. This is a great opportunity to learn and network.

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