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Storing all of your data in one location also known as data warehousing sounds convenient – all of the information you need in a single location – but there are a number of downsides to an all-in-one-location set-up.

At SlashDB we’re dedicated to creating quick, convenient, and highly accessible databases. That’s why we have a qualm with traditional data warehouse structures. This method sounds deceptively simple – an easy solution to a complex problem – but don’t be fooled, this set-up is inherently problematic and SlashDB has resolved to eliminate these problems.

The Downsides of Data Warehousing

The logic to data warehousing can conceptually be broken down like this: imagine that you decide to store everything you need and value in a single closet at your work. Your closet will very quickly become stuffed to capacity. Cramming everything into one closet makes it difficult to find what you need. You spend longer looking for a specific item while a long queue forms behind you with all of your co-workers waiting to find what they need. This is called a bottleneck. Bottlenecks are caused by poor planning and poor design. Data warehousing is an inherently flawed concept – you will always run out of space and you will always be slowed down by batch-oriented data transfers. Data warehousing leads to frustration, lowered productivity, and poor performance.

Use SlashDB to Modernize Your Data Warehouse

Server bottlenecks are a big deal and the best way to avoid this problem is to modernize your data warehouse by connecting it to SlashDB.

SlashDB is an automatic API gateway to databases and can be connected to existing transactional databases as well as data warehouses to ease accessibility. Connecting SlashDB to an existing data warehouse structure is a quick and simple way to modernize your database and multiply returns on investments.

SlashDB focuses on making your data easy to find with individual hyperlinks for each piece of data. It’s quick to install and quick to use. Your data will be at your fingertips – no more digging through a crowded closet.SlashDB as a Central Access Point to Databases

Beyond Enterprise Systems

SlashDB takes an existing database model and automatically constructs a web service API from it. This makes your data instantly accessible to mobile applications, websites and enterprise systems.

SlashDB connects website to database

At SlashDB we want your data to literally be at your fingertips. Contact us and we’ll modernize your database, making your data accessible from anywhere and easily searchable. Make your life easier and join our movement to re-invent data storage into a seamless and stress-free process.

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