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We are pleased to announce the first revision of our 0.9 release from two months ago. In addition to improvements to performance and concurrency this revision carries a slew of readily applicable business features.

SlashDB enables data scientists, software engineers and project managers do more with data. The combination of Data Discovery and SQL Pass-thru APIs with data integrity from underlying databases and automated conversion into JSON, XML and CSV formats put our product in a league of its own when it comes to enterprise ready REST API.

Here’s what’s new, presented using our public end points.

Filtering Data Discovery by partial values (similar to SQL’s LIKE)

Example: Invoices with billing address on Elgin Street*Elgin*

Sorting by multiple columns

Example: Invoices first sorted by country then by date in reverse order.,-InvoiceDate&limit=29

Slicing by column for SQL Pass-thru URLs

Example: Parameterized query “customers-in-city” normally returns 5 columns

Now you can pick only some of the columns in any order:,FirstName,Phone

Assign HTTP methods for SQL Pass-thru queries

When defining a query the user now has an option to assign one or more HTTP methods. This way queries, which for example add new records (i.e. INSERT) can be more appropriately associated with the POST method. Previously SQL Pass-through would only work with the GET method.

Screenshot of query definition with HTTP method assignmentAPI key generator on user definition screen

When adding a new user or modifying an existing one there is now a button for adding a randomly generated API key. Previously keys had to be generated by other means and pasted into the user definition form.

Performance improvements

Faster JSON generation and changes to default values for certain concurrency parameters provide for better overall performance in a general purpose application. As before those and many other parameters can be tweaked in slashdb.ini file.

StackOverflow logoSupport on StackOverflow

Our community on StackOverflow is growing. Submit your technical questions with tag “slashdb” for fastest response.

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