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SlashDB ver. 0.9 Rev. 4

Announcing SlashDB version 0.9.56, a fourth revision in the 0.9 branch.

This update provides improvements to SQL Pass-thru and JSON rendering. Also satisfies a new security requirement from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

New features

  1. On AWS the user is required to verify instance id upon launch in order to set admin’s initial password. This is Amazon’s requirement to strengthen security at the first login, so that an attacker is unable to take over an instance of SlashDB, which has not yet been setup with admin’s password.
  2. Adds COMMIT statement after stored procedure calls.

Fixes and improvements

  1. Fixes a situation when connection could remain open for failed POST and PUT requests
  2. Improves database error handling and their mapping to HTTP status codes
  3. Fixes JSON rendering being cut-off midway under certain conditions.
  4. Fixes minor GUI quirk where a database connection string override could not be set.
  5. Fixes HTTP 503 when using depth=1 on /db endpoint and when some of the databases are disconnected.
  6. Fixes misleading “no resources found”, which showed in the GUI even if records were also displayed.

As always SlashDB is available for download for free in variety of packages including: RPM (RedHat, CentOS), DEB (Debian, Ubuntu), Docker, Vagrant, VMWare, VirtualBox or for instant deployment on AWS and Azure. What are you waiting for?

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