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Welcome to SlashDB version 1.0, our newest, most refined, milestone-setting release.

As always you can download SlashDB for FREE and use it for development and experimentation for as long as needed. When you are ready for production, please see our pricing page for licensing options in the cloud and on-premise.

SlashDB 1.0 packs in over 50 new features and improvements. Here are the highlights.

Query Studio

screenshot of query studio

Our ever popular SQL Pass-thru feature is getting a major overhaul. Previously you would have to prepare a query on the side in the database’s native query tool and paste it into query configuration dialog in SlashDB.

Now, with Query Studio users can enjoy:

  1. Full featured SQL query editor with syntax highlighting
  2. Database schema browser on a sidebar with column types, primary and foreign keys
  3. In-place query execution with parameters form and a choice of output formats
  4. UX improvements such as responsive and re-sizeable panels, large, conveniently placed action buttons and auto-completion for access control lists.

Also improved is the query list screen, which is now faster and cleaner.

closeup on breacrumbs navigation

UX Improvements

Breadcrumbs Navigation

“Breadcrumbs” navigation bar allows users to go back several steps quicker and more intuitively than simply pressing your browser’s “back” button. Breadcrumbs are available throughout the service, but are perhaps the most useful in Data Discovery. In Data Discovery, Breadcrumbs allow you to go back to the main table quickly from within even the most sophisticated filter.

Refined Admin Screens

We are making it easier than ever to configure SlashDB in the GUI. Little things such as tag-like multi-select help to avoid mistakes in access control, while consistency in layout across query and database lists improves overall workflow. Also added are dropdown for database encoding charset lists and a bundle of query examples for SQL Pass-thru.

Test Cases

With every release, we add new features, fix issues and increase test cases. For this milestone release, we worked extra hard to include many new elements and fix ongoing issues.

ver. 1.0.0 2079 tests
ver. 0.9.x 895 tests


Some of the changes might not be visible to the naked eye, but they greatly improve the product’s performance and usability:

  1. Atomic transactions and bulk execute for SQL Pass-thru
  2. Sort, distinct, count and other query result modifiers in SQL Pass-thru
  3. Support for MySQL 8.0
  4. Corrected rendering of MySQL’s BIT type
  5. Better mapping for database errors to HTTP status codes
  6. Fixed error when query name included non-ASCII characters
  7. Fixed certain UI anomalies when user “public” is removed
  8. Fixed NULL representation in CSV in streaming mode
  9. Normalized HTML, JSON, XML and CSV representations for the Data Discovery root page
  10. Ability to remove href tags from response
  11. Code refactoring and improvements to Dev/Ops

We Listen to You

As you can see, we have invested quite heavily in SQL Pass-thru. To our clients, this should not come as a surprise as we heard from many of you that the ability to easily build central repository of SQL queries is an extremely useful and desirable feature.

If you have any questions about this release, new feature suggestions or feedback, please direct them our way using the form on our Contact page.

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