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Welcome to the latest release of SlashDB. The new version includes over 30 improvements to both the GUI and the backend. Check it out today!


User Experience

  1. Connection Wizard makes it easier than ever to connect SlashDB with your database. Just follow a few easy steps, and watch your API emerge in a matter of seconds, as seen in the video above.
  2. Several fixes to make the interface easier and more consistent across different features of the application.
  3. Precision for displaying floating point numbers is now configurable in the .ini file.
  4. SQL Pass-thru gets sorting capability.
  5. User session gets established also when authenticating with an API key, which makes it more user friendly to continue browsing from links shared by others.
  6. Ability to click through table relationship in context of a current filtering criteria. See the picture below.
screenshot with relationship link

Developer Experience

  1. Removed requirement for an array when submitting only one record in a POST request.
  2. Better error message and more adequate HTTP code for POST requests, which do not match table schema.

Backend and APIs

Over 18 improvements and fixes to the SlashDB make up this release. Of note are:

  1. Non-blocking API reflection on-demand, meaning quick system readiness on startup with multiple databases
  2. Graceful shutdown and restart by utilizing named pipes for fine grained control of the application server process
  3. Uniform and much tightened config validation at startup and online to avoid certain inconsistencies when malformed config files are used at startup and in the GUI
  4. Resolved certain conflicts between HTTP headers and XML and JSON encoding (i.e. UTF-8)
  5. Fixed problem with filtering for data containing question mark in Data Discovery.
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