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SlashDB version 1.5.0 is now generally available.

In this release we are introducing several brand new capabilities. First off are two newly supported backends: Snowflake, a cloud native data warehouse and Databricks, a data warehouse and data lake platform. In addition to that we improve application startup with the addition of schema caching.


New major features
Fixes & improvements
Test code coverage
Manual test cases

What’s new?

New backends: Snowflake & Databricks

SlashDB Enterprise Edition now fully supports Snowflake and Databricks. Both are cloud native data warehouses and analytical platforms. For us this is just a natural extension of SlashDB’s principal use case of being a data hub for data stores located on premises.

Data scientists, quantitative analysts and developers who work on application integration love the simplicity of a URL to pull live data out of any database while not having to deal with complications such as ODBC connection setup, driver installation or (in the case of cloud resources) firewalls and VPNs.

supported databases

Schema caching

This new performance enhancement is available in all editions.

Upon initial connection to a database, a process known as reflection takes place. During that time SlashDB automatically discovers tables and views that are available from the database and reflects them into API endpoints for Data Discovery. For large database schemas with many tables and complex foreign key relationships reflection can take minutes. While that still handily beats manual coding of an API by weeks or months, caching the schema allows near instantaneous reconnect on restart or on demand.

Check it out today.

schema cache dialog box

What’s better?

User Experience

Various fixes and feature improvements including:

  • display version number of the installed license key
  • fix display issues with logos in database connection wizard
  • fix issues with highlighting required fields in the database connection wizard
  • fix persistent warnings after going back in database connection wizard
  • make long error messages scrollable

Code refactoring, configuration and packaging improvements

Of note are:

  • add missing configurable paths to slashdb.ini
  • configure allowing of empty passwords in slashdb.ini (disabled by default)
  • error handing for depth parameter, which is not allowed in SQL Pass-thru
  • error handling for negative limit and offset
  • limit the size of error message in HTTP header to 2,000 characters
  • fix .rpm build for Amazon Linux by ensuring user slashdb in preinst step
  • add missing version requirements for JavaScript components required at build
  • add change log + other various packaging improvements
  • new layout for User Guide

Connect with us

We invite you to get in touch with us. You can reach us via:

With another holiday season approaching under the pandemic situation that is so difficult for so many we are thankful for the ability to do meaningful work pretty much without interruption. If you work on a project for social good and need help with APIs, please reach out. We would love to help.


The “cat at sunset” picture on top is by Slovenian photographer Sašo Tušar.

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