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SlashDB version 1.6.0 is now available for download or for instant launch on Azure and AWS clouds.

This release adds support for single sign-on under industry standard SAML 2.0 protocol. In addition to that we In addition, we’ve made a number of improvements to security, performance, user experience and documentation.


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What’s new?

SAML 2.0

SlashDB Enterprise Edition now fully supports single sign-on under industry standard SAML 2.0 protocol. It’s now possible to configure both user interface and programmatic authentication using third party identity providers such as Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and many more.

Clients who need to authorize third parties to APIs (i.e. clients of their own) can leverage this feature to allow those end clients to self-manage authentication, including password resets, password strength, two-factor authentication and authentication policies.

With SlashDB Enterprise Edition, it is possible to configure multiple identity providers at a time. This allows for multi-tenant installation where the API owner’s identity is managed separately from each API clients’ identities. Each end-client can be greeted with their own login page, or all identity providers can be displayed on the same login page as shown in the screenshot below.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

screenshot shosing login page with SAML


What’s improved?


We submit SlashDB to penetration testing prior to each release. Although no major issues have been found, we’ve taken the time to address certain minor findings:

  • Suppressed false alarm regarding email disclosure from automated scanner by using minified JavaScript code for AngularJS
  • Updated jQuery and other JavaScript components to latest stable versions
  • Hardened the NGINX configuration to lock out access to certain subdirectories
  • Hardened certain file system permissions

User Experience

Various fixes and feature improvements including:

  • Database setup wizard now has an option to override the connection string
  • Clickable database names in the list of connected databases
  • License page now clearly explains which license constraints might be invalid or expired
  • Fixed URL bug in Data Discovery when primary key column contained an empty string
  • Improved error reporting on failed login using OpenID Connect

Performance and Core Functionality

Of note are:

  • Reflection of database models, which contain references to tables from other schemas
  • Fixed issue with buffered streaming where database connection would not be returned to connection pool
  • Fixed default values for certain data types in SQL Server
  • Added support for ?count in Data Discovery
  • Return HTTP 400 status for content types where ?transpose modifier is not allowed
  • Code cleanup resulting from static code analysis

Documentation and Distribution Packaging

  • Updated to latest database drivers where applicable
  • Removed unused settings from slashdb.ini and added some beneficial ones
  • Fixed path for model cache location
  • Improved documentation on logging configuration, including support for Amazon CloudWatch and S3
  • Improved documentation on Accept header
  • Added certain missing paragraphs in documentation

Connect with us

We invite you to get in touch with us. You can reach us via:


The “curious cat” picture on top is by Sereja Ris.

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