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In this post we are sharing with you the changes and improvements for version 1.0. Each new version is added in reverse chronological order.

For more details on new features in the last major release (version 1.0) please see the release announcement.

Rev. 4 – version 1.0.41 (released 4/23/2019)

A quick update with two fixes:

  1. Fix sourcing of the environment variables for Oracle to avoid problem with non-ASCII characters in query body.
  2. Fix the user configuration form, which inadvertently made some of the fields required.

Rev. 3 – version 1.0.40 (released 4/15/2019)

This is the last planned revision in the 1.0 branch. We are moving on to working on new features.


  • Links to resources containing filtering characters (i.e. comma, asterisk) are now generated with appropriate query parameter
  • Avoid losing certain form data in Query Studio upon clicking browser’s back button
  • Fixes broken link to a TXT representation


  • Fixes bad query results when multiple range filters where used
  • Rationalizes response to URLs with capitalized format extensions (i.e. .XML instead of .xml)
  • Incorrectly interpreting unknown extension as a column is now fixed
  • Fixes error for URLs with diacritic characters in query string
  • Handle number overflow in SQLite gracefully
  • Substitute BLOB content with a placeholder
  • API endpoint for updating users no longer requires user_id in request body

Rev. 2 – version 1.0.28 (released 3/7/2019)


  • Add new item to the Help menu: link to chat room on Gitter
  • Number formatting in Query Studio
  • Fix missing query description in Execute-Only Query Studio
  • Improve visibility for edit and clear sort buttons in configuration pages


  • Support database connections, which do not require password
  • Fix DB2 sample database reflection
  • XML and XSD error encoding
  • HTTP 500, if SQL Pass-thru returns no records, but sorting was used
  • Fix colon in string literal being interpreted as a query parameter
  • Cookie flags – httpOnly and secure
  • Fix maxOccurs attribute misspelled in XSD
  • Disallow wildcard filtering on numeric columns (use range instead)

Testing, Packaging and Docs

  • Automatically orchestrate dockerized test environment with all supported databases
  • Add MySQL specific test for BIT columns
  • Make default logging settings less verbose

Rev. 1 – version 1.0.11 (released 1/15/2019)

  • Fix problems with VMWare and VirtualBox under typical Windows setup
  • Fix Query Studio slow response for schemas with over 1000 tables
  • Fix for resolver problem in Azure build script
  • Fix version number in /etc/motd
  • Better handling of error messages from databases in foreign languages
  • Fixes to database error messages encoding setting
  • Fix SQLite creating of empty file when file not found
  • Fix static file caching in browser
  • Certain fix to license validation
  • Minor adjustments to default proxy cache configuration
  • Thorough review and clean up of certain code modules


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