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These are release notes for maintenance release(s) in the 1.5.x branch. For release notes on version 1.5, please see SlashDB ver. 1.5.0 adds Databricks, Snowflake and schema caching.

SlashDB version 1.5.40 is now generally available.

What’s new in version 1.5.40 – June 12, 2022

This is a maintenance release, which contains 4 incremental fixes and improvements over version 1.5.36.

  • Improved JSON and XML streaming performance 2X
  • Added support for ROWVERSION/TIMESTAMP type in MS SQL Server
  • Fixes error 500 for JSON when value in a primary key column contains a / character
  • Fixed reflection of tables, with a foreign key from another database schema or with a column name that is the same as its own or another table name

What’s new in version 1.5.36 – March 7, 2022

This is a maintenance release, which contains 36 incremental fixes and improvements over version 1.5.0 in all areas of the product and distribution.


  • Reviewed third party dependencies for known security vulnerabilities
  • Improved cryptographic safety of password hashing
  • Improved UI safety by replacing non-HttpOnly cookie with local storage
  • Fixed info-level security item regarding HTTP headers


  • Improved resiliency to broken connections with Oracle
  • Verified compatibility with Oracle pluggable databases
  • Ensured compatibility with Python versions 3.6-3.9
  • Fixed service freeze on unresponsive connection with IBM Db2
  • Fixed record count when used with streaming
  • Fixed deprecation warning in licensing script

User Experience

  • Added Test Connection button in user to database database
  • Added Test Connection button in database configuration dialog
  • Improved limit/offset validation in Query Studio
  • Improved validation of minimum length of object’s keys in API
  • Improved error message on multiple failed login attempts
  • Improved error message for failed validation in administrator privileges
  • Improved button caption in the schema persistence dialog
  • Fixed minor issue with modify database configuration button
  • Fixed minor issue with database connect button on reconnect
  • Fixed bad URL generated by data format buttons in SQL Pass-thru HTML page
  • Fixed unclear error message when saving duplicated query ID
  • Fixed anomaly in UI with schema persistence checkbox
  • Fixed validation of very long inputs in database configuration dialog
  • Fixed missing error message and field validation anomalies in database config dialog
  • Fixed validation of bad database port in database configuration dialog
  • Fixed database name validation to disallow leading dash

Distribution & Dev/Ops

  • Updated to Azure Marketplace images to Generation 2
  • Updated base images for virtual machines distributions
  • Updated Oracle driver components
  • Fixed MySQL dependency issue with Docker build
  • Fixed memcache spawn issue with Docker build
  • Improved test automation for .rpm and .deb builds
  • Improved .deb and .rpm uninstall
  • Reduced size of .whl packages
  • uWSGI is now optional dependency in .whl package
  • Updated development environment

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