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Database Gateway for Mobile and Web Apps

Many organizations are now building dedicated mobile solutions and most of them will face a dilemma of how to access internal databases on those devices. Direct connection is not an option due to firewalls and neither is VPN because phones…

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Avoid VPN for Database Applications

That something can be done it doesn't mean you should do it. Sharing a database server over VPN using public Internet is ripe with problems. SQL database servers are designed for fast and reliable local area networks where constant connection…

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SlashDB Applauded at PyData Conference

SlashDB lightning talk at the PyData conference was received with a round of applause. Please contact us to discuss /db features in context of your work or to schedule a dedicated presentation.

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Work wraps in 0.3.x branch

Another batch of improvements has just been reintegrated into the stable branch of code. Among changes are better and faster internals and improvements to configuration files. We have also successfully completed testing with MS SQL Server 2008 R2, which happens to be…

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