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SlashDB ver. 1.7 (Spring 2023)

SlashDB version 1.7.25 is now available for download or for instant launch on Azure and AWS clouds. This release adds 3 new features and a number of improvements to performance, user experience, security and documentation.  

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SlashDB ver. 1.6 now with SAML Single Sign-on

SlashDB version 1.6.43 is now available for download or for instant launch on Azure and AWS clouds. This release adds support for single sign-on under industry standard SAML 2.0 protocol. In addition, we've made a number of improvements to security,…

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SlashDB Donates to OpenSSL Software Foundation

Today SlashDB (VT Enterprise LLC) mailed a check with the contribution of $2,304 to The OpenSSL Software Foundation. The funds were raised from our "I Heartbleed OpenSSL" t-shirt sale campaigns, which ran in April and May, contributing $2,048 and $256…

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I Heartbleed OpenSSL

The vulnerability in OpenSSL has shocked the Internet community and has reverberated up and down society layers worldwide. UPDATE 25-Apr-2014: After our original campaign ended oversubscribed we got featured in the New York Times. Now, by popular demand we are…

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SlashDB Adds Support for 3Scale API Management Service

We are pleased to officially announce that we have added support for 3Scale API Management service in SlashDB. Powerful Technology Combination With /db's capability to generate API on the Fly™ directly from databases this level integration creates the most powerful combo…

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/db ver. 0.5 is out; features security enhancements

SlashDB version 0.5 is out. We have focused on enhancements to user credentials, authorization schemes and added two ways for user authentication. In addition to security enhancements new features were added to URLs namely vectors, sorting and uniqueness. Finally, the…

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