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What’s New in SlashDB ver. 1.0

Welcome to SlashDB version 1.0, our newest, most refined, milestone-setting release. As always you can download SlashDB for FREE and use it for development and experimentation for as long as needed. When you are ready for production, please see our…

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SlashDB ver. 0.9 Rev. 4

SlashDB Release 0.9.56

Announcing SlashDB version 0.9.56, a fourth revision in the 0.9 branch. This update provides improvements to SQL Pass-thru and JSON rendering. Also satisfies a new security requirement from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. New features On AWS the user is…

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SlashDB 0.9 Rev. 3

SlashDB Release 0.9.53

We have not planned another revision in the 0.9 branch, but the news of Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities compelled us to rebuild our cloud images from the latest stable OS revisions. While we were at it we bundled several fixes:…

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Valuable new features in SlashDB 0.9 Revision 1

We are pleased to announce the first revision of our 0.9 release from two months ago. In addition to improvements to performance and concurrency this revision carries a slew of readily applicable business features. SlashDB enables data scientists, software engineers…

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SlashDB ver. 0.8 Debuts on Microsoft Azure

The latest version of SlashDB launches on Microsoft's cloud — a direct result of a partnership agreement between VT Enterprise and Microsoft. Pricing starts at $0/hr. SlashDB is an automatic REST API for databases. The product instantly enhances existing web-based systems…

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SlashDB Puts 2014 to REST

We are saying our goodbyes to 2014 with the final update to version 0.7 of SlashDB. Amazing new features await in 0.8, so stay tuned, but in the meantime, here's... What's New SlashDB ver. 0.7.39 Final revision of the 0.7…

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SlashDB Launches a YouTube Channel

Learn about SlashDB, data integration and web APIs from SlashDB YouTube Channel. Here are some videos from our All about SlashDB playlist: What is SlashDB? SlashDB explained in just over a minute. How to Setup SlashDB? Did you know that…

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